Aluminum Recycling in Automobile Manufacturer Audi Hungary

Automobile manufacturer Audi Hungary announced that it will implement a closed-loop aluminum recycling project in 2021.

The company uses 38,000 tons of aluminum in automobile production every year. Taking into account the energy-intensive nature of aluminum production, Audi Hungary tries to maximize energy efficiency by using recycled aluminum.

Audi Hungary stated that the aluminum recycling means returning the aluminum scrap generated during the production process to the supplier. After being returned to the supplier, the scrap aluminum is re-made into aluminum coils and re-enter the automobile production process.

Aluminum Recycling

The scrap aluminum is remade into aluminum coil process, which requires remelting and casting. The purification of molten aluminum is one of the measures to ensure high-quality aluminum alloy products, and it is also the main means to improve the overall quality of aluminum alloys. The refining effect of molten aluminum has an important influence on the formation of pores, shrinkage cavities and inclusions, and directly affects the physical and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy castings. Without high-quality molten aluminum, even if the subsequent processing is advanced, the defects will always exist in the product once they occur, and high-quality castings are difficult to obtain. Therefore, we must pay attention to the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum, and take measures to remove the gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum.

AdTech provides aluminum liquid purification treatment systems and casting accessories for the remelting and casting process of scrap aluminum. We have four production lines: ceramic foam filter plate, degassing system and filter equipment production line, casting tip and nozzle production line, hot top parts production line. The filtration products have been approved by major aluminum factories, such as Rio Tinto and Alcoa.

Thanks to the aluminum closed-loop recycling system and the inherent characteristics of aluminum, it can achieve infinite recycling of aluminum without losing the quality of aluminum. Vehicles produced at the Audi California plant will have a better life cycle evaluation performance and economy Sex. The company pointed out that with the production of primary aluminum targets from newly mined ore, this process can save up to 95% of expectations.

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