Molten Metal Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filter is widely used to remove non-metallic inclusions in molten metal. Ceramic foam filters (CFF) have been used commercially in the aluminum foundry industry for more than 40 years. CFF is used in industry to remove small solid inclusions (for example, oxides, spinels) and large oxide films, and is mainly used to produce high-quality aluminum products.

Molten metal ceramic foam filter can Effectively remove large inclusions in the aluminum metal stream, adsorb micron particles and small inclusions; improve surface quality, improve product performance, and improve microstructure.

Molten Metal Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filters have the same inherent shape as their basic polyester open-cell foam. They are very efficient, have an open-cell and net-like structure, have a very high porosity-more than 90%, and a very high surface area to trap inclusions. The ceramic foam filter is made by impregnating the basic foam medium with ceramic slurry and firing at a very high temperature. In this process, the basic foam medium is decomposed, and the ceramic skeleton structure still exists. In these filters, the molten metal passes through a tortuous path to remove very small inclusions by attracting and adsorbing to the surface of the internal ceramic pores.

Ceramic foam filters are used to filter molten metals, such as aluminum, cast iron, copper, steel, and their alloys. These metals in a molten state include metallic and non-metallic materials. With the demand for high-quality aluminum products increasing, CFF filtration has proved an optimum method for improving metal quality. Ceramic foam filters offer a simple, reliable, and cost-effective method to remove inclusions. Filtering with CFF is a supplement to metal treatment within the furnace, such as fluxing and degassing or inline filtration.

Ceramic foam filter has a gasket on the edges to help seat the filter in the filter box and ensure no metal bypasses the filter. There are different types of gasket available, fiber gasket, expandable gasket. Also, you can choose Ceramic Foam Filters without the gasket.

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