Refining Agent Production Methods for non-toxic refining flux

According to its development process and characteristics, the refining agent production methods are divided into melting method, drying mixing method, and comprehensive mixing method.

Drying and Mixing Method

Drying and mixing method can produce non-toxic refining flux, the main component of non-toxic refining flux is NaNO3+C (graphite), and then adding an appropriate amount of refractory brick chips for weight gain and buffering and a certain amount of Na2CO3, Na2SiF6. In molten aluminum above 700°C, Na2CO3 oxidizes Al, and the molten aluminum rolls seriously, so there are some disadvantages.

Drying and mixing method is to fully dry and dehydrate the required salt, then according to the distribution ratio of the eutectic point of the high-temperature molten salt, and then add some components that are beneficial to dehydrogenation and slag removal. This method is used to prepare simple refining agents with low-quality requirements. Commonly used raw materials for selection include NaCl, Na2CO3, KCl, MgC12, Na3AlF6, BaC12, NaF, K2CO3, etc.

The drying mixing production process of refining agent production methods is: drying-ingredients-mixing-packaging.

Refining Agent Production Methods

Comprehensive Mixing Method

Mixing some required high melting point chloride salt and fluoride salt according to the low eutectic point components, performing ionization dehydration treatment, and then mixing with other components of drying. It is a comprehensive production method to compensate for the above insufficient methods. For example: NaCl, KCl, Na3AlF6, and CaF2 required in the refining agent series are mixed and stirred with water. After a few days, the fluidized bed is dried, broken, dried, and dehydrated. This is the so-called low-temperature ionization treatment. In this way, eutectic compounds are produced at the particle boundaries to improve the surface activity of their particles. They are mainly used as raw materials for spray refining, which is convenient for spray refining or high-temperature melting treatment after mixing. The performance of the refining agent produced by the comprehensive mixing method needs to be further research.

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