Aluminum Melt Refining Agent

Separating oxides and other slag from molten aluminum is the most important function of the aluminum melt refining agent. The chemical properties of aluminum and its alloying elements are very active, and oxides, nitrides, carbides and sulfides are easily formed. When aluminum ingots and scrap aluminum are melted, these impurities are brought into the solution. Tumbling, excessive stirring and movement of the ladle will cause more impurities to enter the molten aluminum. Another strong oxidizing factor is the moisture on the feed and high percentage of waste.

Many foundries have been improving the efficiency of treating molten aluminum with refining agents, including various particle sizes and immersion methods. Or by spraying the refining agent below the liquid surface with a slag removal pipe or spray gun, and make it float to the liquid surface, so that the refining agent can contact more molten aluminum liquid, capture more oxides and make it float to the liquid surface.

Aluminum Melt Refining Agent

AdTech aluminum melt refining agent is white (slightly gray) powdery fine particles, the main components are chlorine salt and fluoride salt, and other compounds. After proper heating and sieving, the particle size is uniform, which is beneficial to the refining tank in the carrier gas (N 2 or Ar) uniformly enter the lower layer of the molten aluminum, and form numerous small bubbles in the molten aluminum through physical and chemical changes to fully contact the molten aluminum, and separate [H] and other harmful gases in the molten aluminum. At the same time, some substances contained in the refining agent can strongly adsorb and melt the oxides and suspended solids in the melt and adhere to the bubbles together, and bring them to the surface of the aluminum liquid as the bubbles rise, so as to achieve degassing and slag removal Purpose of purification. It is environmentally friendly and economical, and meets the requirements of producing high-value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision castings for aviation and transportation.

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