Slagging Agent for Molten Aluminum

After aluminum and aluminum alloys are melted, especially after refining, there is a thin layer of scum on the surface of molten aluminum. There is more metallic aluminum in these slags. The function of slagging agent is to change the wettability of slag and molten aluminum. Increase the surface tension at the interface with aluminum, making it difficult for aluminum to wet the slag. Under agitation, the aluminum liquid and the slag are effectively separated, and the slag becomes a dry powdery slag, effectively reducing the aluminum content in the slag. Slagging flux can reduce the amount of aluminum liquid brought out when slagging, reduce the loss of aluminum, and increase economic benefits. The slag removal agent is used for the separation and removal of aluminum slag in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloys, especially the slag formed on the surface under the physical or chemical action of the refining agent.

Slagging Agent

Slagging Agent Features

  • Moderate melting point, good fluidity, low dosage, remarkable effect.
  • Suitable for aluminum slag separation in aluminum alloy furnace.
  • All the raw materials of the slag breaker have been properly heat treated to remove water absorption and crystal water, and screened to ensure uniform particle size. The materials are formulated according to the best ratio to ensure that the slag breaker has good penetration performance on the surface of the aluminum liquid after melting, and the reaction is sufficient.

Instructions for Slagging Agents Use

1. Use in the furnace:
After the aluminum is melted and heated to 680°C~740°C, evenly sprinkle the slagging agent on the surface of the aluminum liquid with a shovel, and then stir and mix the flux and slag with an iron shovel for 3.5 minutes, and gently (along the furnace wall) Crush the slag mass to remove the slag.
2. Use outside the furnace:
Sprinkle the slag breaker evenly on the aluminum slag that has just been removed, and then “fry” the slag to separate the slag and aluminum liquid, and then the slag can be removed.

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