Regenerated Aluminum Alloy, Molten Aluminum Refining

Regenerated Aluminum Alloy Process

Aluminum waste is melted for 300 minutes at 650℃. To remove slag from molten aluminum alloy. Adjust the composition of molten aluminum alloy to that of 2024 aluminum alloy. Then the target aluminum alloy molten solution was degassed and modified at 700℃ for 60 minutes for refining. Degassing is performed by gas flushing with a mixture of N2 gas and a volume ratio of 5:1 to Ar. For gas flushing, the flow rate is 1L/min and the pressure is 0.12MPa. Al-ti-b alloy was added to the target aluminum alloy melt at the addition rate of 0.5kg/t as modifier. The hydrogen content and inclusion content in the molten liquid of refined regenerated aluminum alloy are 0.02 mL /100 g Al and 0.4%. The refined regenerated aluminum alloy molten liquid was filtered by ceramic filter and cast into billet.

Regenerated Aluminum Alloy

In order to solve the problem of high inclusion content and low product quality, AdTech provides online degassing filtration equipment to eliminate defects such as air holes and inclusions.

A method for controlling the microstructure of regenerated aluminum alloy comprises the following steps:

(1) with aluminum scrap as raw material, melting at 650-900℃ for 30-300 minutes, from the aluminum alloy molten slag, adjust the composition of liquid aluminum. Alloy to the target composition, thus obtaining the target molten aluminum alloy.

(2) The target aluminum alloy molten liquid is degassed and modified at 700-900℃ for 10-60 minutes to obtain the refined and recycled aluminum alloy molten liquid. The gas in molten aluminum alloy is removed by metal degassing equipment, and modifier is added to achieve grain refinement.

(3) The refined regenerated aluminum alloy molten liquid is filtered through a 10-60 mesh ceramic foam filter and cast into aluminum alloy billet; Filtration is used to remove inclusions.

(4) Heating aluminum alloy billet for homogenization.

(5) The homogenized billet is extruded, rolled or forged to obtain deformed aluminum alloy.

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