Degassing Filter Equipment

The degassing filter equipment and process can solve the oxidation inclusion, hydrogen content and alkali metal in the aluminum liquid, and improve the quality of the cast-rolled aluminum strip. This can eliminate defects such as horizontal grain chromatic aberration, crystal grain unevenness, and segregation streaks inherent in the continuous casting and rolling process.

Degassing Filter Equipment

The production of high-grade aluminum strips has extremely high requirements for the purity of aluminum melt. Therefore, aluminum foundries should focus on online purification, including the refining tools and appliances, melt transfer launder system, metal degassing and filter equipment, etc. This not only ensures the purification effect and stability of the melt, but also reduces the hydrogen absorption, oxidation and slagging phenomenon.

Aluminum melt purification treatment technology not only requires the improvement of the existing refining mode to achieve the effect of degassing and slag removal, but also requires maintaining the stability of production.

Through the study of different combinations of powder refining agents and inert gases and refining time, the technical specifications for molten aluminum melt refining can be optimized, so as to ensure that the hydrogen content of the molten aluminum is controlled below 0.24mL/(100g Al).

The online purification equipment adopts metal degassing device and silicon nitride rotor. The rotor will not be worn when it contacts the surface of the molten aluminum, which reduces the probability of oxides being carried into the aluminum melt. The closed system improves the degassing efficiency, making the degassing efficiency more than 50%.

The online CFF filter equipment adopts ceramic foam filter plates, it can ensure that the capture rate of inclusions with a particle size of not less than 5um in the melt is not less than 95%. The purification of molten metal by foam ceramic filter plate is an effective method to improve the cleanliness of molten aluminum. The ceramic foam filtration process can effectively remove various inclusions in the aluminum liquid with a fineness of micrometers, reduce the influence of inclusions on the quality of cast-rolled billets, and provide a basic guarantee for obtaining high-quality cast-rolled billets.

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