Degassing Refining Equipment

Degassing refining equipment is an important equipment to remove hydrogen content, inclusions and alkali metals in molten aluminum.

The solubility of hydrogen in molten aluminum is very high, which will reduce the physical properties and machinability of castings. In order to cast high quality castings, the hydrogen content in molten aluminum must be controlled at a low level.

The rotor of degassing refining equipment can effectively decompose inert gas into tiny bubbles which are evenly dispersed and floating in molten aluminum.

The hydrogen partial pressure in molten aluminum is higher than that in bubble. Hydrogen diffuses into the inert gas and floats to the surface with bubbles, which effectively reduces the hydrogen content in molten aluminum. At the same time, floating bubbles will cause a small amount of inclusions in molten aluminum. It is carried to the surface of molten aluminum and is captured and removed by the covering agent.

Degassing Refining Equipment

1. Is aluminum alloy casting optimized?

In aluminum alloy, if its composition is different, the physical or chemical properties will be different, which is also different in the characteristics of aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is necessary to select the casting method reasonably to avoid some casting defects or problems, so as to ensure the casting effect.

2. What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy used in aluminum alloy casting? Is it widely used?

These two questions

The specific answer given by Adtech is:

From a professional point of view, aluminum alloy used for aluminum alloy casting is a kind of non-ferrous metal structural material, which can be said to be widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, mechanical manufacturing and chemical industry, and has a large number of applications in China, and there are more and more requirements.

3. In the process of aluminum alloy casting, if degassing and slag removal are not carried out, what will be the impact on the casting? Can additives be used for degassing and deslagging?

In the process of aluminum alloy casting, if degassing and slag removal can not be achieved, the influence on casting is mainly caused by two defects of blister and air hole, which is certain. Therefore, the aluminum alloy additives can be used for degassing and slag removal, but the appropriate additives must be selected and the amount of additives should be controlled in order to have good effect.

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