Molten Aluminum Degassing Equipment Advantage

The molten aluminum degassing equipment adopts compact furnace design. In the degassing box, a rotating nozzle is used to degass the molten aluminum, and convection is formed in the box so that small bubbles can completely diffuse into the molten aluminum.

At the same time, the sealing design is adopted to prevent the secondary pollution caused by the outside air entering and improve the degassing efficiency of the equipment.

Precise control

The work station degassing method is adopted. Liquid aluminum can be kept at a temperature by electric heating during the working gap. The heating system adopts immersion heating device with high heating efficiency. Silicon carbide heating element is used to control temperature, with high precision and easy to use.

Easy to operate

It adopts one key switch, which is simple and easy to use, reduces system complexity and equipment maintenance cost. At the same time, the different requirements of users for casting quality are considered in the equipment design. The flow rate of refining gas and rotor speed are adjustable.

Convenient maintenance

It is convenient to maintain the equipment and replace the rotor. The rotary nozzle part and heater part can be lifted respectively, and the upper cover can be lifted and rotated horizontally to maximize the convenience of maintenance and operation.

Safe operation

The molten aluminum degassing system has interlocking mechanism to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

Molten Aluminum Degassing Equipment

Molten Aluminum Degassing Equipment Advantage

1. Use nitrogen which is beneficial to environmental protection.

2. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity at 680 ℃ is less than 0.95w/mk.

3. Good resistance to thermal shock and sudden cold and heat. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small and can be used continuously at the working temperature to maintain a stable appearance without deformation. No deformation or cracking will occur at 1050 ° C continuous baking temperature.

4. Good surface strength, resistance to liquid aluminum corrosion and corrosion, no water absorption, no cracking, and no aeration for liquid aluminum.

5. Excellent aluminum free performance, aluminum liquid flows through non aluminum, easy to clean.

6. It has good chemical stability and does not react with aluminum water at working temperature.

7. The top cover is equipped with automatic heating function to ensure that the temperature will not drop within 24 hours. It can realize automatic heating and temperature control. The heating system can set the temperature freely and display the actual temperature in real time. It can automatically heat and control the temperature. The heating element is easy to replace. The heating system can meet the needs of casting process.

8. The on-line degassing box adopts immersion sealing design to prevent secondary pollution caused by external air entering.

9. Manually lift and rotate the heating upper cover roller (or lift the cover).

10. Liquid aluminum and bubble flow are two-phase reverse mass transfer movement, which forms the function of bubble flow filter bed.

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