Aluminum Degassing Unit

The aluminum degassing unit with three rotors is specially designed to provide on-line degassing for flutes with large molten aluminum flow, high gas content and many impurities.

Through three stirring rotors which can independently control the speed and gas flow rate, it can provide strong degassing refining capacity for more molten aluminum.

The degassing equipment is connected with the chute, and the three rotors of the equipment can be lifted as a whole and swing at a certain angle to facilitate the replacement of rotors.

At the same time, the ceramic foam filter plate can prevent excessive aluminum slag in the downstream washing tank. The degassing tank corresponding to each rotor is provided with an independent slag discharge port to facilitate separate slag discharge. Good thermal insulation design of the equipment can provide 24-hour on-line continuous degassing.

The aluminum degassing unit has the function of gas under pressure alarm. When the pressure of inert gas supply source drops to a limited pressure, it will automatically give an alarm and remind the operator to replace the gas source in time through the warning lamp, so as to avoid unqualified aluminum liquid due to insufficient gas.

Aluminum Degassing Unit

Since the equipment has three rotors, when using the equipment as on-line degassing equipment, please prepare standby air source in advance, so as to timely replace under pressure.

For three rotors, the gas consumption is high. It is suggested to establish a gas supply center to provide high purity nitrogen.

The three rotors can be controlled independently and degassed continuously layer by layer, which can improve the on-line degassing and purification of large flow aluminum water, and improve the degassing efficiency of molten aluminum.

After the set degassing time is completed, the rotor will automatically stop rotating, automatically turn off the gas supply, and the indicator light flashes to warn the operator that the safety is high.

When used as on-line aluminum degassing unit, it can run continuously.

Advanced degassing principle uses nitrogen or argon as degassing medium, which greatly reduces degassing time, improves efficiency, reduces refining cost, does not pollute environment and greatly improves working environment.

The inert gas flow rate is controllable and can be set optimally, which can greatly reduce the waste caused by bubbles and inclusions, greatly increase the output and improve the mechanical properties of castings.

It provides stable and repeatable degassing effect, and can realize efficient production for customers without affecting the production process.

The main shaft and motor are equipped with air cooling device, which can effectively reduce the working temperature of the spindle and motor and prolong the service life.

The insulation layer at the bottom of the equipment has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the deformation of the equipment caused by the high temperature of molten aluminum; it provides an emergency shutdown button with simple and safe switch, firm structure, simple maintenance and low maintenance requirements.

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