In Line Degasser, Degassing System, Rotary Degassing Unit

There are two ways to remove these impurities in the degassing system of the aluminum plant. One is to use refining treatment in the furnace, and the other is to carry out on-line processing on the casting line. It is proved that In Line Degasser is the most improved metallurgical quality of aluminum liquid.

In Line Degasser contains a large amount of hydrogen, metal and non-metal slag in the molten aluminum and aluminum alloy melt. If the above harmful impurities are not removed in time before casting, pores, slag inclusions and looseness will be formed inside and on the surface of the casting. Such casting defects seriously affect the physical, chemical, mechanical and deep processing properties of the cast parts, resulting in a large amount of waste. The aluminum plant degassing system can remove these impurities before casting.

The aluminum plant in-line degassing unit uses inert gas to degas, using hydrogen diffusivity, a high purity inert gas is introduced into the aluminum liquid to form small bubbles, and free hydrogen will diffuse into the bubbles of the inert gas, along with the inert gas. The rise of the bubble brings out the aluminum liquid to achieve the effect of degassing. The smaller the volume of the inert gas small bubble, the higher the dispersion, the better the degassing effect;

During the process of rising small bubbles of inert gas, the fine inclusions adsorbed on the surface can be taken out of the aluminum liquid to achieve the purpose of removing the slag. Only very fine particles can be adsorbed and removed. For the inclusion of larger particles, filtration is still required.

In Line Degasser

In Line Degasser

In Line Degasser Features
1. The equipment installation system is simple to locate. It can be used by multiple furnaces in conjunction with cranes, and can also be used as an online degassing station.
2, the rotor speed is adjustable (single rotor and rotor), easy to locate and replace.
3, aluminum plant degassing system control is simple, using button operation, degassing time can be set (0-99 minutes 59 seconds adjustable), there are automatic / manual control mode, generally use automatic control.
4. When the set degassing time is completed, the rotor will automatically stop, the air supply will be automatically turned off, the indicator flashes to alert the operator, and the safety is high; when it is used as an online degassing, it can operate continuously and continuously.
5, the use of nitrogen or argon as a degassing medium, advanced degassing principle, greatly reducing the degassing time, improve efficiency, reduce refining costs, no pollution to the environment, the working environment is greatly improved.
6. The inert gas flow can be controlled, and the optimal setting can be made, which can greatly reduce the waste products caused by bubbles and inclusions, greatly improve the yield and improve the mechanical properties of the castings.
7, providing a stable and repeatable degassing effect, can achieve efficient production for customers, does not affect the production process.
8. There is no corrosion on the ladle or the boiler lining.
9. The baffle is optional. The function of the baffle is to make the surface of the aluminum liquid smooth during degassing and reduce the secondary pollution during the treatment.
10. The equipment main shaft and motor are equipped with air cooling device, which can effectively reduce the working temperature of the main shaft and motor and prolong the service life.
11. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with an insulation layer with excellent thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the deformation of the equipment caused by the high temperature of the aluminum liquid.
12. There is an emergency shutdown button, the switch machine is simple and safe, the structure is firm, the maintenance is simple, and the maintenance requirements are low.

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