Aluminum Strontium

Aluminum strontium alloy acts as a molten casting in the alloy. It can be said that it is a modifier, refiner and additive for aluminum alloys, which can change the composition of the alloy and play the effect of application modification.

Aluminum Strontium Alloy

Al-Sr Alloy Content

Al-Sr5: content 4.0-6.0%Sr

Impurity content: iron 0.16%; silicon 0.20%

Al-Sr10: content 9.0-11.0Sr

Impurity content: iron 0.20%; silicon 0.20%

What is the Role of Aluminum Strontium Alloy?

Aluminum strontium alloys can effectively refine the eutectic silicon and primary silicon in the alloy, improve the mechanical properties of the alloy. Its modification has good long-term effect, remelting stability and anti-decay resistance are better. The amount of strontium added is generally controlled between 0.02-0.04%. For example, the strontium content of the slagging agent supplier in the aluminum strontium alloy is 10%, and the addition ratio is between 0.2-0.4%, which can effectively ensure the modification effect. Generally, the Al-Sr alloy is added to the alloy, and the aluminum strontium alloy is usually preheated to 200-300 degrees, and the corresponding others are added in proportion after removing the corresponding others.

Strontium (Sr) is a long-acting modifier, the modification effect is equivalent to sodium, and there is no disadvantage of sodium modification, so it is a promising modifier. Britain, the Netherlands and other countries have begun to promote the application of strontium (Sr) metamorphism methods in the early 1980s. At present, much research has been done on the deterioration of strontium modifier at home and abroad. The scale of China using strontium (Sr) instead of sodium or sodium salt is also increasing.

Advantages of Strontium Modifier

  1. Good modification effect and a long validity period.
  2. The modification process is smoke-free, non-toxic, not polluting the environment, not corroding equipment and tools, not damaging health, easy to operate.
  3. Easy to obtain satisfactory mechanical properties.
  4. The effect of remelting and modification is high.
  5. The casting yield is high and the comprehensive economic benefit is remarkable.

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