Adtech Refining Flux

Adtech Refining Flux is fine white ( gray) powder or granular shaped, the main components are chloride and villiaumite, and another chemical compound. Been heat and screen treatment, this product has even granularity, which is convenient for boiling kiln. Widely applied for the refining of casting Aluminum / Alloy in reverberatory furnace and holding furnace.

In the melting furnaces, Adtech Refining Flux is added to cover the molten metal to remove impurities and meanwhile protect the metal from oxidization. After melting, the molten metal is transferred to holding furnaces for further refining processes such as de-gassing, reduction of magnesium content (a process known as “de-magging”) and for adding alloying elements.Adtech Refining Flux

From the holding furnaces, molten metal is either tapped to the casting unit to produce ingot or slabs, or into crucibles for liquid aluminum delivery.

Energy is consumed throughout the refining process. The transformation of scrap into recycled aluminum alloys requires approximately 5% of the energy input needed to produce primary ingot from bauxite. Depending on the impurities in the scrap, various air emissions may be generated, such as organic compounds and dust. Solid wastes such as dross, skimming, and salt slag
can also be generated in the refining process. Dross and skimming are processed, often in the same plant, to recover the metal.

Salt slags are recycled in specialized facilities to recover the metal and other products.

Adtech Refining Flux Performance

The product powder carried by a carrier gas ( N2, Ar) evenly goes under molten aluminum through powder spraying boiling kiln, after physicochemical response and forms tiny bubbles that fully access with molten aluminum, and get rid of Hand other harmful gas, moreover, there is some material in the product that can strongly attach or absorb oxides and other impurities
and who carry them to the surface, so that purification can be done.

Adtech Refining Flux Advantages

1.Good Liquidity, good performance in deslagging and degassing.
2.Good purification, less pollution, less dosage, low cost.
3.Easy separation of aluminum and slag.

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