Aluminum Casting Granular Flux

The aluminum casting granular flux is suitable for the production of primary aluminum in electrolytic aluminum plants, the production of aluminum ingot remelting aluminum plants, and the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy scrap aluminum recycling.

Aluminum Casting Granular Flux can be sprayed into the reverberatory furnace with special refining equipment or directly bagged into the bottom of the furnace. Under the combined action of inert gas nitrogen or argon, hydrogen and various non-metal impurities are removed. The chemical composition of the granular refining flux is an anhydrous granular molten salt composition, and the appearance is gray and irregular granules. Aluminum Casting Granular Flux is smokeless, odorless and dust-free. It can effectively replace mixed refining agents and completely solve the pollution of chlorine, hydrogen chloride gas and fluoride caused by refining agents in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy.

Aluminum Casting Granular Flux

Features of Aluminum Casting Granular Flux

  1. Granular melting products are smoke-free and dust-free when put into use, which improves the production environment of employees and protects their health.
  2. It is smokeless, odorless, dustless, and free of any harmful compounds. It eliminates the corrosion of plant equipment and reduces hidden costs.
  3. Keep the furnace, launder, and on-line degassing equipment free of slag accumulation.
  4. Significantly reduce the load of flue gas dust removal equipment and reduce the operating cost of environmental protection equipment.
  5. The slag and aluminum separation effect is good, which can greatly reduce the aluminum content in the slag (compared with the mixed flux, the aluminum content in the slag can be reduced by more than 50%).

Storage: Aluminum casting flux must be stored in a dry and ventilated place. The product after opening must be used up in time. After the powder spraying and refining, the inert gas should be empty for 1 minute to ensure that there is no residual flux in the refining tank equipment and pipeline to avoid moisture absorption affecting the next use. Poor storage environment such as high temperature, humidity and rain will reduce the service life of the product.

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