Granular Refining Flux for Smelter

Through the application in the production of smelting aluminum alloy, the AdTech granular refining flux for smelter refining performance is better than power refining flux.

Granular Refining Flux for Smelter

Comparing with the traditional powder refining agent in removing alkali metal, removing slag, aluminum burning loss, smoke exhaust, etc., the performance of the granular refining flux for smelter is comprehensively analyzed, the granular flux has a good slag removal (oxide, boride, and carbide) and impurity removal (alkali metal elements Na, Ca and Li) in the aluminum melt. This provides a reference for aluminum processing enterprises to choose refining process and refining agent when smelting aluminum alloy.

The principle of slag removal: when the solid particle flux is sprayed into the aluminum melt by an inert gas, the solid particles can quickly melt into droplets. Because the density of these droplets is less than that of the aluminum melt, the surface tension of the slag inclusions is smaller. It has a strong ability to wet and adsorb slag inclusions. When the slag inclusions are absorbed by the flux droplets, they float up and are expelled from the melt. At the same time, after the flux droplets float up, a liquid layer is formed to cover the surface of the aluminum melt, thereby reducing the oxidative burning loss of the aluminum melt.

The principle of impurity removal: after the magnesium ion-containing compound in the refining agent enters the aluminum melt, it will react with the alkali metal elements Na, Ca, and Li to release magnesium atoms into the aluminum alloy melt, and at the same time absorb the alkali metal elements Na, Ca, and Li are brought to the surface of the aluminum melt, thereby playing the role of removing the alkali metal.

The refining process usually uses a flux injection mechanism that is configured to introduce flux into the molten aluminum. Generally, the flux contains chlorine or a mixture of chlorine and an inert gas such as argon, and it is known that when they are combined, they help remove impurities from molten aluminum.

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