Granular Aluminum Flux Used for Smelter and Foundry

Granular aluminum flux is a new, efficient, and environmentally friendly additive. It is used in the secondary refining process of aluminum alloy smelting and aluminum alloy casting. Its main function is to remove slag (miscellaneous) in the aluminum melt, and reduce the hydrogen content and aluminum loss.

Granular Aluminum Flux

Different from the traditional powdery flux, the granular flux has obvious technical advantages and economic benefits. At the same time, in the process of reacting with the aluminum melt, the gas released by the granular flux is non-toxic and has a small amount of exhaust gas, which greatly improves the production environment.

Based on the above advantages, granular aluminum alloy flux has attracted more and more attention in the industry, and there is a tendency to gradually replace traditional powdered fluxes.

Granulated Flux is an environmentally friendly range of fluxes used for the molten metal treatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Powder fluxes possess certain disadvantages such as dusting during the application, toxic fume emissions. This causes health hazards to the workers and environmental problems. The powder fluxes also pose a problem of inconsistent efficiency due to the morphology of the powder. To overcome these disadvantages, dust-free granulated fluxes have been developed.

Compared with powder flux, granular flux products are dust-free and more efficient, has a small amount of addition. AdTech granular flux has two specifications: PM02 and PM06. It is white (slightly gray) granular. Using unique technology, it effectively improves the effect of metal aluminum liquid degassing, slagging and alkali metal removal, smokeless refining, and low dosage.

Granular Aluminum Flux Advantage

1. Increases the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles
2. Reduces the number of breaks in continuous casting
3. Eliminates edge cracks when rolling aluminium alloys
4. Non-hazardous compound
5. Low melting point for rapid dispersion
6. Helps in removal of Alkali metals like Na, Ca and Mg.

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