Granular Fluxes for Aluminum Smelter and Foundry

Granular Fluxes can reduce emissions by up to 85% without significantly reducing performance, as they allow less flux to be used and make it work in a different way. It has been found that the form of flux has a very important influence on the type and quantity of emissions.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, foundries need to play their part in reducing harmful emissions. Fluxes manufacturers AdTech continue to try to maintain or improve performance while reducing harmful emissions, especially fluoride and sulfur oxide emissions. Granular fluxes can remove non-metallic inclusions, hydrogen, sodium, calcium and lithium from liquid aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Granular Fluxes

AdTech is dedicated to research and development, production and marketing of granular flux for aluminum alloy casting process. It solves the problem of excessive burning loss and waste gas pollution caused by the chemical reaction of traditional flux in alloy liquid.

The method of manufacturing granular flux in molten aluminum and its alloys is to mix the salt mixture thoroughly, then melt it by adding the ingredients in the preferred order, pour the molten liquid into the ingot in a suitable furnace, and grind it after cooling to room temperature, and sieved into various sizes.

Granular Fluxes Features

  • Replace furnace chlorine and online refining.
  • Smokeless refining, zero emissions of fluoride, fully meet the emission standards set for environmental air pollution.
  • Low melting point, lower than 450°C, easy dispersal.
  • Low dosage, could control the chemical reactions of burning.
  • Effectively remove the alkali metals (Na, Ca, Li) and non-metallic inclusions.
  • Reduce the edge crack during high magnesium alloy rolling.
  • Reduce metal loss in slag and dross.
  • Protect the melt from contamination of the furnace atmosphere and combustion products.
  • Reduce hydrogen absorption and porosity to the lowest level.
  • These are easy to use and safe to operate.
  • Improved physical properties of castings.

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