Granulated Flux Manufacturer

The method of making granulated flux in molten aluminum and its alloy is to mix the salt mixture fully, then add ingredients to melt it, pour the molten liquid into a suitable furnace, grind it to room temperature after cooling, and sieve it into various sizes. Adtech is committed to the research, development, production, and sales of granulated flux for the aluminum alloy casting process. The problem of excessive burn loss and waste gas pollution caused by chemical reaction of traditional flux in alloy liquid is solved.

Granulated Flux

In a world with increasing environmental awareness, foundry needs to play its own role in reducing harmful emissions. Granulated Flux Manufacturer Adtech continues to work to maintain or improve performance while reducing harmful emissions, especially fluoride and sulfur oxides. Granular flux can remove non-metallic inclusions, hydrogen, sodium, calcium and lithium in liquid aluminum and aluminum alloys. Granulated Flux can reduce emissions by up to 85 percent without significantly reducing performance, as they allow less flux to be used and work in different ways. It has been found that the form of flux has a very important influence on the type and quantity of emissions.

Granulated Flux replaces furnace chlorine and online refining. It has smoke-free refining, zero fluoride emission, and it can meet the emission standard of environmental air pollution. Low melting point, below 450 ° C. It is easy to disperse. The chemical reaction of combustion can be controlled by the low dosage. Alkali metals (Na, Ca, Li) and non-metallic inclusions are effectively removed. Reduce metal loss in slag and scum.

Our company produces two shape fluxes, including powder fluxes and granular refining agents. Fluxes can be divided into refining agents, covering agents, slag removers (deslagging flux), degassing flux and furnace cleaning agents according to their uses. We also produce the online degassing system and filtering system for molten aluminum purification.

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