Aluminum Flux used to remove hydrogen and oxidized slag

Aluminum Flux is mainly used to remove hydrogen and floating oxidized slag inside the aluminum liquid, so that the aluminum liquid is purer, and it also has the function of a slag cleaning agent.

In aluminum and aluminum alloy melts, the substance that can remove gas and solid non-metallic inclusions from the melt through physical, chemical, or physical-chemical interactions is called Aluminum Flux. According to the physical state, the commonly used aluminum alloy refining agents include gas refining agents, liquid refining agents, and solid refining agents.

There are two types of gas refining agents: inert gas and active gas. Inert gases refer to those gases, such as nitrogen, argon, etc., that do not chemically react with the aluminum melt within the normal melting temperature range and have a very small degree of I in the melt. Active gases refer to those gases that can chemically react with the melt within the normal melting temperature range, but do not cause pollution to the aluminum melt, such as chlorine and freon. In the actual gas refining, in addition to the above-mentioned gases, there are also their mixed gases, such as chlorine-nitrogen, argon-chlorine, argon-freon, and so on. Liquid refining agents for aluminum alloys are mainly chloride salts that are liquid at high temperatures, such as carbon tetrachloride and titanium tetrachloride.

Aluminum Flux

Aluminum Flux Features

Part of the components in the refining agent is easily decomposed at high temperatures, and the generated gas is prone to hydrogen reaction, has a strong adsorption force with slag inclusions, and quickly escapes from the melt. Other components also have the function of slag cleaning agent.

Scope of use

It is suitable for common grades of aluminum alloy (alloys with high magnesium content and aluminum-magnesium alloys cannot be used), and when pure aluminum is smelted, degassing and slag removal.


Sprinkle the refining agent on the surface of the liquid, quickly press it into the molten aluminum, stir it and let it stand still to remove the slag; for example, with the help of a jet, spraying the refining agent into the molten aluminum with inert gas has a better effect.


The general dosage is about 0.3% of the weight of the molten aluminum, depending on the purity of the molten aluminum.

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