Non-toxic Refining Flux used to remove hydrogen and surface scum

The non-toxic refining flux is mainly used for the smelting and refining of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy and secondary aluminum to remove hydrogen and surface scum in the aluminum liquid, and can absorb the slag near the surface. The non-toxic refining agent is one of the fluxes necessary for the smelting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The market demand is large and the application prospect is broad.

The production equipment and process of aluminum alloy refining flux are relatively simple, mainly drying furnace, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, simple packaging equipment, equipment investment is small, and the production process is easy to master.

Non-toxic Refining Flux

Non-toxic Refining Flux Features

  • The new generation of non-toxic refining agent selects high-quality raw materials and removes its harmful components. During the refining process, there is no smoke, dust, odor, and it meets environmental protection requirements. It is truly non-toxic, environmentally friendly and efficient.
  • A variety of gases can be released for refining in molten aluminum, and it has the advantages of gas refining and flux refining. It combines degassing and slag removal into one, strong slag removal ability and good degassing effect.
  • The addition amount is small, the utilization rate of the flux is high, the operation is simple and convenient, and the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.
  • The slag treated with non-toxic refining flux is dry and powdery. The slag is separated from the molten aluminum, loose and light, easy to remove, does not corrode plant equipment, does not stick to the furnace and tools, and is easy to operate.
  • Especially suitable for industrial parks and enterprises with high environmental protection requirements.

Non-toxic Refining Flux Instructions

Put a certain amount of refining agent into the powder sprayer storage tank within the refining temperature range and cover it, and then open the nitrogen gas (pressure 1.2~1.8kg/cm2) and then turn on the switch under the refining tank. When exiting, insert the iron pipe into the molten aluminum for horizontal movement. The insertion depth should be such that the end of the iron pipe is at 3/4 of the depth of the molten aluminum. Move the iron pipe back and forth 2 to 3 times to avoid touching the furnace wall. In order to prevent pipe blockage, within the refining time (6-20 tons is 10-15 minutes), spray the flux, then extract the iron pipe from the molten aluminum and turn off the nitrogen.

Dosage: 0.2-0.5% of the melt; the specific required amount depends on the amount of inclusions and the amount is appropriately increased or decreased. The actual amount added should be obtained from usual practice.

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