Non-Toxic Refining Agent

The non-toxic refining agent is composed of six components including KCl, NaCl, CaF2, Na2SiF6, Na3AlF6, and C2Cl6. The use of refining agent to smelt aluminum and aluminum alloy has a better degassing and impurity removal effect, which can make the hydrogen content in the aluminum alloy melt lower, and can more effectively reduce the burning loss of the metal. At the same time, the refining agent has a certain amount of heat. The effect makes the hot slag recovery more convenient and the recovery rate is higher.

Non-Toxic Refining Agent

When aluminum or aluminum alloy is smelted, due to factors such as moisture in the furnace charge and alloy suction, the aluminum liquid contains a large amount of hydrogen. Hydrogen has a large solubility in the aluminum alloy, and a large amount of hydrogen precipitates during the solidification process to form pinholes. Therefore, it is usually necessary to carry out refining and degassing treatment and removal of other non-metallic inclusions during aluminum alloy smelting to improve the quality of aluminum alloy products.

In the traditional refining and metamorphism process, hexachloroethane and other chlorides are commonly used as the main components of the refining agent. During high-temperature smelting, these solvents decompose a large amount of carbon tetrachloride and chlorine, which are strongly irritating and corrosive. The bad smell and harmful smoke gas seriously corrode the plant and equipment, causing serious pollution to the environment and serious threats to the health of operators.

To solve this problem, after repeated experiments, an environmentally friendly non-toxic refining agent for aluminum alloy has been developed. Smokeless, tasteless, and non-toxic during operation. A major transition from toxic refining to non-toxic refining of aluminum alloy smelting has been completed, and a new way of aluminum alloy refining has been opened up. It not only purifies the environment, but also prevents the harm of toxic gases to workers.

The non-toxic refining agent is processed by a variety of salt compounds according to a certain ratio and processed by a special process. The refining tank uses nitrogen or argon as the carrier and sprays it into the aluminum liquid evenly to achieve purification. The double purification of molten aluminum with flux is mainly used as a series of aluminum alloy and pure aluminum melt refining materials. It can play a very good refining role and has the characteristics of environmental protection and high efficiency.

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