Advanced Filtering Devices

At present, advanced filtering devices are used in the melting and casting workshops of aluminum processing plants, mainly including ceramic foam filtering devices, deep bed filtering devices, and tubular filtering devices. AdTech specializes in researching molten aluminum purification devices. Our foam ceramic filters are sold well at home and abroad. Deep bed filter devices and tubular filter devices have been successfully tested in aluminum foundries.

Advanced Filtering Devices

Advanced Filtering Devices for Molten Aluminum Filtration

Since the first successful research of ceramic foam filters for aluminum alloy in the 1970s, ceramic foam filter technology has developed rapidly and is currently the most widely used in aluminum processing plants. The filtration grade (pore size) of ceramic foam plates ranges from 20 to 80 PPI, but 30 PPI and 50 PPI are the most commonly used. The layout of the ceramic filter plate includes single-layer filtration and double-layer filtration.

The deep-bed filter device can satisfy flat ingots with high-quality requirements such as can material, thin foil material, PS plate and so on. The deep bed filter device is made of a steel shell, lined with refractory materials, and contains several layers of fine alumina ball filter materials. The deep bed filter is divided into a charging chamber and a filter chamber. The filter material is located inside the filter chamber and is supported by a ceramic grid.

The tubular filter device is used as the standard configuration for the production of double zero aluminum foil. The tubular filter device is a filter tube made of high-quality alumina sintered with an inlet and an outlet (a set of several tubular filters). The fixing plates at both ends are made of silicon nitride precast refractory lining, and the lid is It has a rod-shaped heater, a ceramic board and a calcium silicate board insulation layer, and a plug for draining the remaining aluminum liquid. Only one end of the filter tube is open, and the molten aluminum is filtered out from the outside of the tube through the inside.

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