Aluminum Alloy Fluxes

At present, aluminum alloy fluxes are mainly divided into two systems: NaCl-KCl system and KCl-MgCl2 system. The former contains Na and equimolar NaCl-KCl forms a low melting point eutectic at 665°C, which has a strong wetting effect on Al2O3. Generally used in alloys that are not sensitive to Na elements, it is the basis of most fluxes; the latter, as a non-Na type flux, is the basis of aluminum alloy fluxes with high Mg content. KCl-MgCl2 forms a low melting point at 424~465℃.

Aluminum Alloy Fluxes

Usually to increase the slag-aluminum separation effect and improve the surface tension of the flux to improve the flux purification ability, add Na3AlF6 or K3AlF6, CaF and other additives on the basis of the flux. The addition of these additives is generally divided into mechanical mixing and remelting mixing, and the uniformity of the remelting mixed flux composition is far better than that of mechanical mixing and can obtain low-melting eutectic, but the cost is correspondingly higher. Used for the preparation of high-performance flux. The basic premise of the remelting mixing method is to master the thermodynamic properties of the mixture, and then to ensure the melting point of the flux. Generally, the melting temperature of the flux must be lower than the melt temperature during aluminum smelting by more than 50°C. The molten aluminum casting flux is used to achieve the adsorption and melting of impurities. To remove the slag ability, if the melting point cannot meet the requirements, a heating agent needs to be added to promote the rapid temperature rise of the flux, which will complicate the composition of the flux.

AdTech is dedicated to research and development, production and marketing of granular fluxes for the aluminum alloy casting process. AdTech refining fluxes utilize unique technology to enhance the traditional degassing and deslagging effect. And this technology is applied to the casting process of multi-series aluminum alloy products. Such as micron-sized aluminum foil, PS baseboard for printing, canning material, elastic packaging material, railway transportation. AdTech aluminum alloy fluxes include refining flux, deslagging flux, covering flux, oxide removal flux.

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