Aluminum Casting Launder and Trough for Molten Metal Transportation

The Aluminum Casting Launder is a key component in a large aluminum alloy casting production line. This is the channel to ensure that the high-temperature aluminum liquid smoothly enters the pressure chamber. A smooth transfer is a key to improving the quality of the melt, because any turbulence will cause oxides in the molten aluminum. The molten metal launder system can eliminate any form of agitation at each step.

Aluminum Casting Launder

The molten aluminum launder can maintain the heat of molten aluminum and save energy. Gentle heating, pneumatic sink cover, tightly sealed, strict temperature control, and clever fire-resistant design function. These can keep the aluminum melt at the optimal temperature, eliminate heat loss, and use the metal’s own thermal conductivity to reduce energy costs.

Casting launders are an important part of any foundry. Well-designed cleaning launders promote smooth and efficient casting operations, and quick transfer between furnaces is essential. Clean, low-turbulence runners play an important role in the production of high-quality products.

Due to the intermittent supply of aluminum, the aluminum molten pool is often affected by thermal fatigue cracks. The casting temperature of molten aluminum is about 680°C. When the high-temperature molten aluminum passes through the molten aluminum flow channel, its working surface rises rapidly due to the heat conduction temperature.

Since the wall thickness of the aluminum casting launder is 4mm×5mm, there is a temperature gradient in the thickness direction of the flow path, and the expansion of the material in the high temperature region is restricted, and compressive stress is generated.

When the high-temperature aluminum liquid passes through the molten aluminum launder, the temperature of the working surface drops rapidly, and there is still a temperature gradient in the thickness direction of the flow channel, which causes inconsistent deformation of the flow channel material.

At present, the widely used protection method is to paint the molten aluminum casting launder with BN paint to prevent heat and corrosion.

Aluminum Casting Launder Advantages

1.Good thermal insulation, long service life.

2.Accurate dimensions.

3.High strength, erosion resistance, impact resistance, good thermal shock resistance and smooth surface.

4.Temperature losses within 2℃ per meter.

5.Strong corrosion resistance

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