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Adtech is a company that specializes in the development and production of new types of materials for the production of plugs and Aluminum Casting Tube For Aluminum (also known as drop tubes).

Since 2012, the company has developed and produced series of flow control products: stopper rods are used in conjunction with products such as dive tubes, flow tubes, plug caps, graphite plugs, slag blocking rings, and ladle to stabilize the casting parameters of metal solutions and facilitate the control of flow. Obtain more than 95% of the existing customers use market recognition.

AdTech’s Aluminum Casting Tube For Aluminum are made of high-silicon melting materials.

Aluminum Casting Tube

They have strong corrosion resistance, no pollution to metal solutions, and can be used many times to meet the high value-added, high-tech performance requirements of aviation and transportation. Such as aluminum alloy precision casting product technology needs.
Aluminum Casting Tube For Aluminum is used for low pressure castings to adjust the flow of molten aluminum. The dive tube is also called the injection pipe, and the stopper rod is also called the flow bar. They are used together for the casting of the plate ingot.
The material is made of SiO2 melting material. The material has strong strength, erosion resistance and thermal shock. Good, long life and other characteristics. The use of non-stick aluminum with our company’s boron nitride coating is excellent.

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Aluminum Casting Tube For Aluminum advantages:
With strong strength, erosion resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock, with a more smooth surface and other advantages;
With boron nitride (BN) coating more use, life 50-100 cast times;
The high flexibility of use of the operation enhances the use of molten metal transfer equipment and saves energy.

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