Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting, Online Degassing Filtration

At present, the world’s aluminum rod continuous casting production lines with relatively advanced technology, better product quality, and many users mainly include the production line of the South Line Company of the United States, the production line of the Italian Continuous Company, and the production line of the French Company. Our company mainly provides online degassing devices, online filtering devices, and refractory materials for casting and rolling-front boxes, ceramic launder, caster tips and nozzles, etc.

Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting

The electric round aluminum rod produced by continuous casting has the following characteristics:

  • Large output, high efficiency, and low energy cost.
  • Using online quenching to produce alloy aluminum rods with high production efficiency.
  • High degree of automation, few operators, and low labor intensity.
  • The product has good quality and excellent mechanical properties, which can meet the requirements of high-speed wire drawing machines.

Aluminum continuous casting and rolling production lines are often supplied in complete sets. The continuous casting and rolling mills include online degassing devices, online filtering devices, casting machine scrap shears, straightening machines, billet induction heating devices, rolling mills, cooling or quenching devices, and flaw detection devices, and winding machines, etc.

Aluminum rods are mass-produced products. Therefore, while the performance indicators of a single product of the same batch of products are qualified, the performance difference of the entire batch of products should be small, that is, the dispersion of product performance indicators should be small. The front box and the casting nozzle plate directly affect the quality of the aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling, and the thickness of the aluminum rod can be controlled. The purification and flow control steps of the aluminum liquid in the early stage are well mastered, and the later work can be easy.

Metal Melt Purification

On-line degassing filtration is the key research and development object of major aluminum processing enterprises. The online refining treatment device adopts the rotating nozzle degassing method and the ceramic foam filtering method. The device adopts nitrogen (argon) gas or nitrogen and chlorine mixed gas refining and foam ceramic filtering technology, and is suitable for deployment on aluminum and aluminum alloy casting rolling and casting production lines to perform online degassing, removal of inclusions, removal of alkali metals, etc.

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