Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling for Aluminum Strip Production

Aluminum continuous casting and rolling combines casting and hot rolling in the aluminum strip forming process, greatly shortening the production process and production cycle, and has become one of the main methods of aluminum processing and production of strips.

On the basis of optimizing the structure of the casting-rolling nozzle cavity and increasing the gap between the casting-rolling nozzle rolls, the casting-rolling process parameters such as the casting-rolling zone are adjusted to match it. In the end, the goal of reducing the temperature of the aluminum liquid in the front box of the casting and rolling and increasing the casting speed is realized, the casting speed is increased, and the longitudinal streak defect of the cast-rolled strip is reduced, so that the internal structure of the cast-rolled strip is denser and the casting is improved. Production efficiency of rolled billets.

Aluminum Continuous Casting and Rolling

The casting nozzle is a prerequisite for stable aluminum continuous casting and rolling. The flow distribution state in the casting nozzle mainly depends on the placement and number of the stop blocks, that is, a different number of stop blocks of different specifications are placed along the outflow direction of the molten aluminum to ensure a stable, uniform and continuous molten aluminum for the casting and rolling area. AdTech has specialized in the caster tips business since 2012 and got a good reputation in domestic and overseas. The caster tips are mainly used for Micron-sized aluminum foil, PS plate casting.

In order to cope with the increase in casting and rolling speed, the placement of the stop block in the casting nozzle cavity was optimized. The main consideration was the insufficient supply of molten aluminum at the edge. The distributed stop was improved and the distance between the edge stop was increased. 2 mm to 3 mm larger, reduce the distance between the middle stoppers by 2 mm to 3 mm, and increase the supply of molten aluminum in the distribution.

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