Casting Nozzle for Aluminum Casting and Rolling Production

Due to the uneven contact surface between the casting nozzle and the upper and lower rolls during installation, the casting nozzle partially contacts the roll surface tightly, resulting in strong friction, obvious traces on the roll surface, and white stripes on the plate surface. Therefore, when installing the casting nozzle, you must pay attention to the contact between the nozzle and the roller surface to avoid such defects.

Casting Nozzle

In actual production, the surface segregation occurs because the upper or lower pieces of the casting nozzle partially fall off during use. At this time, the melt emerges first and comes into contact with the lower temperature of the casting roll surface to form condensation. Shell, this shell is surrounded by high-temperature melt on three sides, and the melt is condensed with volume shrinkage. What is more important is that there is no “rigid end” on the inlet side during the casting and rolling process. During the casting and rolling process, there may be a shell and the casting roll There is a gap between the roller surfaces, which affects the result of heat conduction. The surrounding high-temperature melt will immediately heat the condensate, so that the area with a higher solute concentration between the dendrites will melt and form a ditch. Under the static pressure of the front box melt, the high The composition of the melt can seep out of the point-shaped defects on the surface of the condensed shell, and these points will become white band-shaped defects when reflected on the surface of the cast-rolled plate.

When selecting the casting nozzle material, it must be noted that its material must have good high-temperature resistance, and it is not easy to produce sintered products at high temperatures. AdTech ceramic fiber caster tip is used for crystallization forming and size control of aluminum plate in the casting production line. It adopts nano-scale fiber composite material, and the process by high-precision equipment. AdTech casting tips and the nozzle has moderate density, good thermal insulation, precise size, high oxidation resistance, and low deformation.

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