Castertip for Aluminum Strip Casting | Aluminum Silicate Caster Tip

Aluminum silicate castertip is a key component of the aluminum strip casting machine. AdTech aluminum silicate casting nozzle adopts ceramic fiber and other various materials. It has the advantages of good elasticity, no deformation, and long use time. The working principle is to make the liquid metal flow out of the mouth evenly. So that the liquid metal flows into the two sides, and it ensures the consistency of the metal and flow rate. The height of the solution outlet gap between two parallel casting nozzle plates can be adjusted.


Castertip Structure

The aluminum silicate ceramic caster tip directly affects the quality and the yield of the aluminum strip. According to different casting machine performance and needs, aluminum silicate casting nozzle materials divide into a variety of models. The caster tip mainly consists of two upper and lower nozzle plates, liner, gaskets, and ears.


The castertip can effectively prevent the corrosion of aluminum liquid and avoid the phenomenon of carbonization. The fractured structure is a fine and uniform layered fiber structure, it can prevent the existence of flake-like tissue. The coating on the working surface is even and smooth, preventing the occurrence of cracks and falling off of the coating, which provides a guarantee for high-quality cast slabs.

The casting tips include a narrow inlet at the rear end and a wide outlet at the front end. There is a dividing block in the material channel between the inlet and outlet. The partition block divides the material channel into two parts side: the rear section of the partition block extends backward into the feed port, and its horizontal section is circular arc-shaped. The middle section of the partition block is located in the material channel, and its horizontal section is triangular. The front section of the partition block extends forward from the material channel and extends out of the discharge port at the front end, and its horizontal section is linear. The casting tip improves the equipment utilization rate and reduces the manufacturing cost. At the same time, the shape of the partition block can make the material smoothly enter the roll, ensuring the reliability of production operation.

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