Aluminum Smelter Flux, Power Fluxes for Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Smelter Flux is a powdery particle that is in full contact with molten metal. The gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum through physical and chemical effects, and at the same time achieve the purpose of degassing and slag removal, and after a large number of applications, the refining agent has been proved to be purer.

Aluminum Smelter Flux has the advantages of being smokeless, odorless, dustless, and easy to operate. For example, a special bell for melting treatment is better, and equipment and equipment will not be corroded. The refined preparation has a good degassing effect.

Aluminum Smelter Flux

How to use Aluminum Smelter Refining Flux

1. The amount of the refined preparation is about 0.3%.

2. When using, pour the product into a special container, connect argon or dry nitrogen to the outside, blow into the aluminum liquid by pressure, stir evenly, stop the reaction, let it stand for a period of time, and then cast.

3. Sprinkle the cast aluminum concentrate on the surface of the liquid and quickly press it into the molten aluminum. After fully stirring, let it stand and drain.
If sprayed, the effect of injecting the refining agent into the aluminum liquid with inert gas is better.

4. Press the cast aluminum refining agent into the bottom of the molten aluminum. At this time, due to a large amount of heat released by the reaction, the molten aluminum is rapidly heated and turns red.
The refining agent should be in full contact with the molten aluminum. After the slag is dried into a powder, it can be dried.

When the molten aluminum reaches 700-740°C, UAE Aluminum puts 5kg of Adtech Foundry Fluxes per ton of molten aluminum.

Put the flux into the powder spraying equipment, under the action of nitrogen or argon, spray the flux into the molten aluminum twice, bring the nozzle close to the bottom of the furnace and stir evenly to make the Flux Aluminium fully contact the molten aluminum, and then use After the physical or chemical action of nitrogen, it is refined with argon or argon at the bottom of the furnace for 20 minutes to form many tiny bubbles.

The bubbles separate hydrogen atoms and slag from the molten aluminum, and then complete deslagging and purification. UAE Aluminum’s aluminum casting craftsman said that Adtech Foundry Fluxes is very suitable for the aluminum casting process of their factory and is recommending it to other aluminum factories in the country.

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