Cast Aluminum Flux with Smokeless, Odorless, Dustless

Cast aluminum flux has the advantages of smokeless, odorless, dustless, and convenient operation. The purifying agent has a good degassing effect. Aluminum ash is dry, loose and light in weight. It separates well from the aluminum alloy liquid and is easy to remove.

When the molten aluminum reaches 700-740°C, 5 kg of Adtech aluminum alloy casting flux is added per ton of molten aluminum.

Cast Aluminum Flux

Put the refining flux into the powder spraying equipment, under the action of nitrogen or argon, spray the flux into the aluminum liquid twice, bring the nozzle close to the furnace bottom and stir evenly, make the flux aluminum and the aluminum liquid fully contact, and then use nitrogen to pass the physical Or after chemical action, it is refined with argon or argon at the bottom of the furnace for 20 minutes to form many tiny bubbles. The bubbles separate hydrogen atoms and slag from the molten aluminum, and then complete the slag removal and purification.

Aluminum alloy casting flux is powdery particles that are in complete contact with molten metal. The gas and inclusions in the molten aluminum are brought to the surface of the molten aluminum through physical and chemical effects, and the purpose of degassing and slag removal is achieved at the same time.

Application Range of Cast Aluminum Flux

1. When the slag gas content of general cast aluminum flux is relatively high, degas and remove slag from non-high magnesium aluminum alloy and pure aluminum.
2. Except for high magnesium, all aluminum alloys are mainly degassed, the charge used is polluted, the melt gas content is high, and the main bubbles in the casting are always the main quality.
3. Cast aluminum refining agent is mainly used for slag removal. Used to melt coarse particles with a large surface area. High content of oxidized inclusions. Most non-metallic inclusions in castings
Main quality problem occasions.
4. Refining, refining, degassing, slag removal and purification effects are good, suitable for aluminum alloys and aluminum alloys with aluminum-silicon alloy content less than 4%;
5. Refining, upgrading, degassing and slag removal of aluminum-silicon alloy.

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