Casting Platform for Aluminum Alloy Bar | Hot Top Accessories

The aluminum alloy round bar casting platform is a tool that converts the liquid aluminum in the furnace into solid aluminum of a certain shape and specification, and is a key part of casting molding. At present, imported equipment represented by American Wagstaff has occupied the main domestic market. The hot top accessories produced by our company, including distributing launder, sleeves, graphite rings, tap out cone, are suitable for aluminum rod casting.

Casting Platform

The general casting platform includes three parts: the upper platform, the crystallizer, and the ingot device.

The upper platform is an assembly made up of steel structure and refractory materials. The lower part is a closed water chamber filled with cooling water, and the upper part is equipped with a launder containing the molten aluminum to be cast. Each casting station has a draft tube to inject molten aluminum into the mold. In addition, the upper platform is also equipped with lubricating oil and gas pipelines, water leakage pipelines, etc. The mold is the mold used for casting. It is a key part of the ingot forming and determining the quality of the ingot during the casting process. It is required to have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, high strength, good wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. The starter device includes a lower platform and a starter head. The lower platform is a grid-type steel structure welded part. The starter head is installed on the lower platform to correspond to the mold one-to-one, and is connected to the top plate of the casting machine in the casting well and the upper platform through the surrounding guide pillars. The starter head is a steel processing part, which is installed on the lower platform by the starter head screw. During the casting process, the leading ingot head supports the continuously solidified and longer aluminum rod and slowly descends to complete the entire casting process.

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