Ceramic Fiber Filters Filtration Technology,Ceramic Fiber Filter

Ceramic fiber filters filtration technology is one of the filtration technologies developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with the traditional granular filter material, the fiber filter material has larger specific surface area, larger interface adsorption, and can intercept suspended solids, so the filtration effect is good. Compared with foam ceramics, it has smaller pore size and higher filtration accuracy. Compared with organic fiber filter, ceramic fiber has good thermal stability, chemical stability, and thermal shock resistance. Ceramic fiber has been widely used in air purification, high temperature flue gas filtration, chemical filtration, diesel exhaust particulate capture, liquid metal filtration, and so on.

Ceramic Fiber Filters

Ceramic Fiber Filters

Ceramic Fiber Filters Classification

Ceramic fiber filters can be divided into: ceramic fiber composite membrane material, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber mesh (cloth), ceramic fiber filter.
Ceramic fiber composite membrane material is a kind of membrane material with ceramic fiber on the surface of porous ceramic support. In the process of film forming, ceramic fiber bridges on the surface of the support rapidly, so that the slurry can form a film on the surface of the support rapidly without entering into the inner part of the support, thus avoiding blocking the holes in the support body. By contacting the fiber with the particles on the surface of the support, the film can be more stable. Ceramic fiber composite membrane material takes into account the advantages of porous ceramic, microporous ceramic membrane and fiber filter material. It is a kind of high-performance filter material which is developing rapidly and has broad application prospects in many fields.
Ceramic fiber paper is made by imitating the papermaking process of ceramic fiber, binder and additives through automatic and continuous chemical processes such as pulping, forming, curing and drying. The product has white color, flexible texture, good flatness and excellent machining performance. Ceramic fiber filter paper is a kind of high efficiency filter material. The filter material has the advantages of low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and stable chemical properties. It has been widely used in large-scale integrated circuits, instruments, pharmaceutical preparations, bioengineering, air purification in ultra clean studio and so on.
Ceramic fiber mesh (cloth) is a kind of ceramic fiber textile, which is made of spun cotton yarn and reinforced yarn. Ceramic fiber textiles have low thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which are mainly used for metal liquid filtration. So as to reduce the slag content, improve the cutting performance, improve the surface quality and product qualification rate.
Ceramic fiber filter is a kind of porous material, which uses the textile characteristics or fine shape of fibers to form three-dimensional holes. The forming methods include fiber braiding, winding and vacuum filtration forming.
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