Ceramic Filter Al Taweelah, Ceramic Foam Filter Molten Metal Filtation

Ceramic Filter Al Taweelah is determined according to the impurity content in the molten aluminum, the flow rate of the molten metal and the final quality requirements of the as-cast product.

When choosing a ceramic foam filter, it also depends on the color of the filter plate, tapping its body, and burning its contents.

Pure color and no impurities, which means the material is uniform; if the hands are not sticky, it means that there is no glue on the surface, which will not cause secondary pollution.

Holding the filter plate with one hand, and tapping the filter plate with the other hand, the ceramsite slag continued to drip, indicating that the quality of the filter plate is poor, which will cause secondary pollution of the aluminum liquid.

Use open flame or electric heating to burn red, immediately cool at room temperature, no cracks and slag inclusions, indicating that it is a good filter plate.

Ceramic Filter Al Taweelah

When purchasing Ceramic Filter Al Taweelah, the effective specific surface area or porosity calculation of the foam should be carefully evaluated. The three-dimensional grid is uniform and the porosity is large. It is a kind of foam ceramic filter plate with excellent performance.

The Al Taweelah smelter in Abu Dhabi was expanded by the UAE Global Aluminum Corporation (EGA), one of the leading companies in the UAE, with an annual capacity increase of 78,000 tons.

EGA CEO Abdulnasser bin Kalban said that as the world recovers from Covid-19 and faces increased demand for aluminum, the completion of the expansion project will help the company increase its production capacity.

On July 13, 2021, Emirates Global Aluminium announced that the second phase of the expansion of its Al Taweelah smelter in Abu Dhabi has begun.

In the Al Taweelah smelter expansion project, about 950 people are working, and there have been no accidents in the more than 2.7 million hours of work completed so far, achieving world-class safety performance.

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