Ceramic Foam Filter Krasnoyarsk Aluminum, Metal Melt Filtration

Ceramic Foam Filter Krasnoyarsk aluminum alloy melt filtration includes surface filtration and internal filtration. It can remove micron-level inclusions, and reduce the product obsolescence rate.

Surface filtration means that solid impurities are mainly deposited on the surface of the filter medium.

Internal filtration means that the molten aluminum carries inclusions along the tortuous channels and pores, which are directly intercepted, adsorbed, deposited, etc., collide with the pore wall, and firmly adhere to the pore wall. As the filtration progresses, the effective filtration section of the pores gradually decreases, the permeability decreases, and the filtration accuracy improves.

The molten metal mixture flows through the porous structure of the ceramic foam to become uniform, smooth, and clean molten metal.

Ceramic Foam Filter Krasnoyarsk Aluminum

Ceramic Foam Filters For Casting has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, molten metal erosion resistance, high strength, high qualification rate, and large surface area. It is mainly used in the filtration and purification of metallurgy and casting metal liquids.

Ceramic Foam Filter Krasnoyarsk Aluminum can be made with different pore sizes and porosities to obtain satisfactory filtering effects.

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter is One of the largest aluminum producers in the world, the main platform for the trial operation and implementation of RUSAL’s innovative developments.

It is the second largest aluminum producer in the world. Production capacity of the plant is 1 million tons of aluminum per year (about 24% of Russia’s and 2.4% of global production of aluminum).

Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Smelter produces high-quality products. More than 36% of the total production is made up of high-tech products and alloys. KrAZ is the only plant in Russia and the CIS that produces high-purity alloys AVCh.

At the moment, the leader of the global aluminum industry is the Russian company RUSAL which accounts for about 12.5% of global production of aluminum that ensures the production facilities to produce 3.9 million tons of aluminum per year.

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