Ceramic Foam Filter KUBAL Aluminum, Molten Metal Filtration

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting is one of the most widely molten metal filters used in KUBAL Aluminum industries. Its function is to make the turbulent and tumbling molten metal become stable, uniform, and clean after passing through the foam ceramic honeycomb holes, thereby greatly reducing non-metallic inclusions, reducing the rate of casting waste, and saving production costs.

With the continuous improvement of the performance requirements of KUBAL aluminum and aluminum alloy products, new requirements are continuously put forward for the filtration of aluminum liquid, which requires high purity of aluminum liquid to achieve better physical and chemical properties and mechanical processing properties of aluminum products to meet more stringent requirements.

Ceramic Foam Filter KUBAL Aluminum

Kubal is the only primary aluminum producer in Sweden with a production capacity of 134.000 tons. Due to increased environmental requirements and increased efficiency and operability requirements, Kubikenborg Aluminium AB decided to convert the second plant from Söderberg tank technology to pre-baked anode technology and increase the tank current from 120 kA to 160 kA.

KUBAL is Sweden’s only primary aluminum producer and the largest industrial facility. Since its commissioning in 1942, the capacity of the smelter has increased by more than 10 times. The large-scale modernization of KUBAL implemented by RUSAL enabled the smelter to increase production efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

One of Sweden’s largest industrial facilities and the only primary aluminum producer.

Half of KUBAL’s products are shipped to Swedish customers, and the other half to European customers.

The quality of aluminum melt is very important and has a great influence on its subsequent processing performance and the quality of the final product. Therefore, all countries in the world are very fond of refined aluminum melt.

Ceramic foam filtration technology has been used to remove inclusions in molten aluminum for more than 30 years. After successful production practice, it quickly replaced filter carriers such as glass filters, microporous ceramic tubes, and alumina balls.

The Ceramic Foam Filter KUBAL Aluminum adopts the adsorption principle, which can effectively remove the large inclusions in the molten aluminum, effectively adsorb the small inclusions, and effectively reduce the pollution of the molten aluminum. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and improves the corrosion resistance of molten metal.

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