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Selection and Use Ceramic Foam Filter is important. In addition to considering the actual production requirements for the quality of aluminum products, the flow rate of aluminum in the launder, the total amount of filtration, the cleanliness of the aluminum itself, and the production cost should also be considered. Choosing a ceramic foam filter plate with too high specifications will increase production costs and reduce production efficiency.

Usually, the parameter describing the foam specification is PPI (pores per inch), which is the number of pores per inch of length. In fact, PPI does not truly reflect the size of the foam pores. Some people abroad suggest to use CPI (cells per inch) instead. But people still use PPI based on habits. The mesh number of AdTech ceramic foam filter is 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 PPI.

Use Ceramic Foam Filter

Use Ceramic Foam Filter

Use Ceramic Foam Filter

(1) Preparation of CFF filter box. The CFF filter box should be thoroughly cleaned before use to prevent the refractory residue left from the previous use from falling into the molten aluminum; the size of the filter plate and the filter box should be matched, and the matching gap and deviation angle between the two should be as small as possible.

(2) After the CFF filter box is cleaned, apply a layer of refractory paint on the inner surface of the box, and then gently place the filter plate flat.

(3) Warm-up. Correct preheating is an important part of the use of filter plates. Incorrect preheating method often leads to the following problems: cracks appear during preheating.

At present, the ceramic filter plate technology cannot remove 100% of the inclusions in the aluminum liquid. Of course, it is not necessary in practice. If all the inclusions in the aluminum liquid are filtered out, the effective crystal nucleus will be reduced during solidification, which will affect The time of solidification and the structure after solidification.

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