Foam Ceramic Filter Plates

Foam ceramic filter plates are widely used to filter molten aluminum in the world. It is used to clean aluminum for beverage cans, aviation alloys and other critical applications.

The ceramic foam filter plate is a phosphate-bonded high-purity alumina-based product, available in sizes from 7″ to 26″ and through-hole sizes from 10 to 80 ppi.

It has been proved that the foam ceramic filter plate is an economical and economical way to remove aluminum water inclusions. The actual cleaning effect varies with the conditions of use, and usually, the efficiency increases as the size of the filter plate hole and the speed of the molten aluminum flowing through the filter plate decrease.

Foam Ceramic Filter Plates

Foam Ceramic Filter Plates Advantage

  • AdTech foam ceramic filter plate is a product with small size deviation produced by a special machine. Automated assembly line production, three calibration procedures.
  • After special treatment, it is not fragile. The ceramic components in the formula have high strength, excellent aluminum washout resistance, and good thermal properties.
  • Do not drop slag, effectively reducing pollution to molten aluminum.

AdTech foam ceramic filter plate integrates these physical characteristics, is an ideal choice for all kinds of casting production. The filtering effect is related to the filtering holes. Carefully control the size of the holes in the filter plate to achieve a more uniform filtration performance. The accuracy of the size is very important to ensure that it fits the filter box completely, so that it can prevent the aluminum liquid from bypassing or excessive pressure on the filter plate.

There is a gasket around the ceramic filter plate to seal the contact part of the filter plate and the filter box to ensure that there is no side leakage of aluminum liquid. There are two types of gaskets available: fiber gaskets and expansion gaskets.

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