Ceramic Filter China Aluminium, CFF Molten Metal Filtration

Ceramic Filter China Aluminium can effectively remove various fineness of micron inclusions in the aluminum water, making the aluminum water a smooth laminar flow.

Ceramic Foam Filter has a unique corundum structure, good mechanical strength and chemical stability, and excellent aluminum cleaning.

Ceramic Foam Filter is produced based on a carrier with a solid network structure and organic foam cells, and is used for the filtration and purification of molten aluminum.

The Molten Aluminum Ceramic Foam Filter is put into the thixotropic alumina slurry through an automated production line, and the slurry is dried and solidified and deposited evenly on the foam skeleton of the carrier. Then it is fired at a high temperature of 1180°C to form the final product.

Ceramic Filter China Aluminium

The Ceramic Filter China Aluminium is surrounded by a sealed ceramic fiber gasket, which helps the filter plate to be sealed in the filter box to ensure that there is no metal loss. This product is mainly used in the purification process of aluminum and aluminum alloy production.

China’s bauxite output has remained at 60 million tons in the past two years, and about half of the bauxite needs to be imported. Domestic bauxite mines are mainly distributed in Guangxi, Guizhou, Henan, and Shanxi. The total reserves account for 90% of the country’s reserves, of which Guangxi bauxite mines are the most. China’s rapid economic growth has generated huge demand for aluminum, which has promoted the rapid development of the domestic aluminum industry.

The aluminum industry is the development of the three important industries of aviation, construction, and automobiles. The material properties are required to have the unique properties of aluminum and its alloys. This greatly facilitates the production and application of this new metal aluminum, and its applications are extremely wide.

The global aluminum industry’s output is about 20.909 million tons, and China’s output is 11.83 million tons, accounting for 57% of the world’s total output. In 2018, the global production of primary aluminum was approximately 64.336 million tons, an increase of 1.4% year-on-year. China’s output was 36.485 million tons, accounting for 56.7%. China is still the main producer of primary aluminum, but the production capacity of other countries and regions is also changing.

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