Ceramic Foam Filter Inalum Adalah, Foundry Molten Metal Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Inalum Adalah is the most widely used filter in the field of aluminum melt filtration. Its advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, convenient replacement, low cost, strong adaptability, and can also be separated by filtering solid inclusions in liquid inclusions.

The Foundry ceramic foam filter uses a special ceramic foam filter to remove the inclusions generated between the purification system and the mold table. The ability of the ceramic foam filter to capture these inclusions is critical to keeping the ingot clean during the metal solidification process. Therefore, the quality and productivity of downstream operations (such as forging, extrusion and rolling) are guaranteed.

Ceramic Foam Filter Inalum Adalah

In recent years, ceramic foam filters have been increasingly used in the aluminum industry. These are special filters made of materials such as silicon carbide and alumina, which provide structural stability and ensure thermal shock resistance.

Ceramic Foam Filter Inalum Adalah can remove oxides on the surface of aluminum, thereby improving casting quality. More and more aluminum plate and aluminum foil manufacturers are currently using these filters.

Adtech is one of the largest foam ceramic filter product suppliers in Indonesia and the global industrial market. The company provides these high-quality filters to customers engaged in the production of aluminum plates and foils.

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