Ceramic Foam Filter Sayanogorsk Aluminium, Molten Aluminum Filter

The ability of Ceramic Foam Filter Sayanogorsk Aluminium to remove impurities is much stronger than that of several other filter media, and it uses a combination of physical and chemical methods to filter them.

The large inclusions on the surface of the molten aluminum filter are physical shielding, retention, and small inclusions are attracted to the filter surface, sidewalls or pores under the action of chemical affinity. Therefore, it can effectively filter out impurities from castings of various sizes, including impurities that are much smaller than the pores of the filter. This filtering and combing the entire disordered molten metal flow reduces turbulence and makes the molten metal flow smooth and clean.

Ceramic Foam Filter Sayanogorsk Aluminium

The filtration efficiency of ceramic foam filter in Sayanogorsk Aluminium Plant is closely related to their correct installation and use. At the same time, the conventional and necessary measures taken to reduce the generation of inclusions in smelting, furnace treatment, casting and other technological operations cannot be ignored because of the adoption of the filtration process. It is also necessary to prevent the filtered aluminum liquid from being contaminated again.

Sayanogorsk Aluminum Smelter is an enterprise of RUSAL Aluminium Industry, which belongs to RUSAL Financial and Industrial Group.

It was put into use in 1985. In terms of output, it is second only to Bratsk aluminum smelter and Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter in the structure of Rusal, ranking third. The plant provides more than 12% of Russia and about 1% of the world’s aluminum production. It is 15 kilometers away from the town of Sayanogorsk and 50 kilometers away from the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower station.

Products: primary aluminum, aluminum alloy (ingots, slabs, cylindrical ingots and T-shaped ingots).
Consumers: automotive, transportation, construction, electrical engineering, sheet metal industries.
Capacity: An annual output of 542,000 tons of aluminum.

Sayanogorsk aluminum smelter is Russia’s largest aluminum alloy producer, and Rusal’s innovative technology testing and implementation center. Rusal’s third largest aluminum company. A leader in the production of alloys in the Russian aluminum smelter. The basic platform for testing and implementing RUSAL’s innovative development.

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