Ceramic Foam Filter Prime Aluminum, Liquid Aluminum Purification

Ceramic Foam Filter Prime Aluminum can effectively remove large inclusions in liquid Aluminum and adsorb small inclusion particles with micron size, so as to improve surface quality and product performance.

It can increase the compressive sealing of aluminum ingot aluminum rod, enhance elongation and tensile strength, improve the surface finish of casting, improve the fluidity of molten metal, and increase the filling capacity and feeding capacity of casting.

Aluminum alloy smelting is an important part of aluminum alloy processing process, which is reflected in alloying, purification and refining processing technology.

It has long been an important means to remove non-metallic inclusions from aluminum alloy melt by flux treatment in furnace and foam filtration in furnace.

Ceramic Foam Filter Prime Aluminum

The application of Ceramic Foam Filter Prime Aluminum has been popularized in China’s Aluminum processing industry.

There are two main application modes in the purification of deformed Aluminum alloy melt:

1. On the semi-continuous casting line of aluminum alloy, the melt is refined by spraying powder with flux in the furnace, and the foam ceramic plate is filtered outside the furnace.

The ceramic filter plate is replaced every casting. Today, some aluminum processing plants add an online tank degasser before filtering to improve the purification effect

2. In the continuous casting and rolling line, the replacement period of ceramic foam filter plate is determined according to the pressure difference between front and rear.

As for the selection of how much specification of the filter plate is based on the liquid aluminum unit time flow and the total amount of liquid aluminum.

How much mesh aperture foam ceramic filter plate is selected according to the cleanliness requirements of the final liquid aluminum, the higher the cleanliness requirements of liquid aluminum, the smaller the aperture.

Foam ceramic filtration purification is the last process of liquid aluminum purification, before this process has been used flux dusting refining or online rotary degassing treatment, so liquid aluminum has not been removed from the impurity phase – hydrogen particles are more subtle and diffuse.

How to promote the impurity phase to gather and grow up and hydrogen adsorption is particularly important in the filtration of foam ceramics, and the “filter cake” function of mechanical interception of foam ceramics cannot achieve outstanding results.

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