Ceramic Foam Filtering System for Molten Aluminium

The ceramic foam filtering system is used to filter and purify non-metallic impurities in molten aluminum, which is very important to ensure the quality of aluminum products.

Ceramic Foam Filtering System

Molten metal usually contains impurities in the form of inclusions, which are not removed during the refining process. In order to obtain advanced metal raw materials for thin plate manufacturing, fine wire drawing and precision casting, it is usually necessary to pass molten metal through a filter to remove these inclusions.

In particular, molten aluminum often contains entrained solids, which are harmful to the final cast metal product. These entrained solids appear as inclusions in the final cast product after the molten metal is solidified, and cause the ductility of the final product to decrease or the smoothness and anodizing performance of the final product to be poor. Inclusions may come from multiple sources. For example, inclusions may come from a surface oxide film, which is broken and entrained in the resulting molten metal. In addition, inclusions may come from insoluble impurities, such as carbides, borides, etc., or corroded furnace and tank refractories.

Nordic Aluminum says that the ceramic foam filtering system plays an important role in improving the mechanical properties of castings.

At present, the CFF filtering device used to purify molten metal is mainly ceramic foam filter, which can effectively intercept harmful impurities in molten metal, convert molten metal from turbulent flow to laminar flow, and completely remove large impurities in molten metal. Small inclusions. It can improve the organizational structure, effectively reduce the gas and harmful elements in the metal liquid, and purify and homogenize the metal liquid.

Preparation method of ceramic foam filter: The organic foam is generally a polyurethane foam impregnated with an aqueous slurry, and the ceramic contains a binder material. The impregnated foam is dried to remove water, then dried and burned. The impregnated foam burns off the organic foam to make ceramic foam.

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