CFF Filtration Equipment

AdTech provides CFF filtration equipment for treating molten aluminum and aluminum alloys to remove impurities in the form of oxide particles and other solid particulate matter by adsorption and filtration and entrapped.

The filter is fabricated of a porous refractory material resistant to extended contact with molten aluminum and is designed to provide a large surface area through which the molten aluminum is constrained to flow.

As the molten metal flows from the adsorption stage into the channels of the filter medium, it will be diverted into a plurality of directions in each channel so as to impinge upon the downstream channel surfaces and pass through the channel walls in the directions. The purified molten aluminum or aluminum alloy passing through the filter arrives at the outlet conduit substantially free of oxide particles and entrapped or dissolved gases, ready for delivery to the tundish of a continuous casting machine.

After passing between the plates of the adsorption stage, the molten aluminum flows through the opening in the upstream wall of the filtration stage. The CFF filtration equipment includes an enclosed vessel having a floor end wall and a removable top cover which is provided with a pair of burner heads and an exhaust port in a manner similar to the top cover of the fluxing stage. The filter medium is positioned in the vessel and extends from the floor thereof to a point adjacent to the top cover.

CFF Filtration Equipment

CFF Filtration Equipment Advantage

  • Elema is made of high purity silicon carbide material. The normal service temperature is 1450℃, it can be used continuously for 2200 hours. Features thermal resistance, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, warming up quickly, long lifetime, and acid resistance.
  • The casing is welded by the steel plate and adopted to the advanced rust removal process and corrosion-resistance coating.
  • With lifting and rotating device, small size, high accuracy, complete synchronization, good self-locking performance, stable structure.
  • The lining is made of high silicon melting material. Non-stick aluminum, with high corrosion resistance, can prolong the lifetime.
  • With reasonable design and high absorbed ceramic foam filter.

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