Flux for African Metal Recycling, Aluminum Refining Agent

Aluminum refining flux for African metal recycling has the advantages of being smokeless, odorless, dustless and easy to operate. For example, a special bell for melting treatment is better, and equipment and equipment will not be corroded. , The refined preparation has a good degassing effect. Under normal conditions, the pinhole degree can reach 1-2. The slag is dry, loose, light, and it is well separated from the aluminum alloy liquid and easy to remove.

Flux for African Metal Recycling

How to Use Flux for African Metal Recycling

1. The amount of refined preparation is about 0.3% (depending on the situation to determine the amount).
2. When using, pour the product into a special container, connect argon or dry nitrogen to the outside, blow into the aluminum liquid by pressure, stir evenly, stop the reaction, let it stand for a period of time, and then cast.
3. Sprinkle the cast aluminum concentrate on the surface of the liquid and quickly press it into the molten aluminum. After fully stirring, let it stand and drain. If sprayed, the effect of injecting the refining agent into the aluminum liquid with inert gas is better.
4. Press the cast aluminum refining agent into the bottom of the molten aluminum. At this time, due to the large amount of heat released by the reaction, the molten aluminum is rapidly heated and turns red.
5. The refining agent should be in full contact with the molten aluminum. After the slag is dried into powder, it can be dried.

There are about 50 metal recycling facilities in Africa, while other countries such as Europe have more than 250 facilities. It is predicted that only 13% of recyclable products in Nigeria are reused, and the formal waste transfer process is almost zero.

A clean technology revolution involving recycling, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure projects has already begun in Africa. Major breakthroughs will include sustainable infrastructure and economic expansion across the region. As the country’s metal business expands, the expansion of recycling capabilities and sustainable systems will become more important.

Waste is one of Africa’s top issues, and solving it requires partnerships, creative methods and the willingness to experience benefits. Solving huge problems such as waste management can also bring huge financial results and make obvious differences in people’s lives and the environment.

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