Flux Japan Aluminium, Aluminum Alloy Smelting Flux

Flux Japan Aluminium is used in aluminum alloy smelting, which can be divided into two types: covering agent and refining agent.

The covering agent is different from the refining agent. Covering flux is used for preventing melt oxidation and inhalation, refining flux is used for removing gas and inclusions for inclusions.

Refining Flux Japan Aluminium must meet the following conditions:

1. The melting point should be lower than the melting temperature of the aluminum alloy.
2. The specific gravity should be less than the specific gravity of the aluminum alloy.
3. Can adsorb and dissolve inclusions in the melt and can remove gases from the melt.
4. should not be chemically active with metals and furnace linings. If it acts with metals, it should only produce inert gases that are insoluble in metals, and the flux should be insoluble in the molten metal.
5. The hygroscopicity is small and the evaporation pressure is low.
6. Not contain or produce harmful impurities and gases.
7. Have appropriate viscosity and fluidity.

Japan United Aluminum Corporation is a multinational aluminum group that produces and manufactures aluminum products and deep-processed products. Forging business, copper pipe business, processing business.

In order to achieve sustainable development, United Aluminum regards the protection of the global environment and the formation of a recycling-oriented society as one of the most important management issues. In all business activities, it strives to reduce the environmental load and strives for the entire life cycle of the product. Contribute to the protection of the global environment.

Regarding the carbon neutrality goal, United Aluminum promises:

First, in response to global warming and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the promotion of energy-saving facilities will be further strengthened, and in-depth research on fuel conversion will be carried out;
Second, in the development of a recycling-oriented society, 3R resource protection measures will be promoted, while the utilization rate of waste will be increased, and the generation of industrial waste and landfill will be reduced;
Third, in the use of chemical substances, we will effectively control the chemical substances in products, including reducing the use of volatile organic compounds and establishing an environmental quality management system trusted by customers;
Fourth, in terms of laws, we will strictly abide by the laws and regulations of Hong Kong and overseas;
Fifth, in terms of the environmental management system, we will continue to improve and strengthen the company’s environmental management work through the implementation of the environmental management system;
Sixth, in terms of environmental protection education, relevant courses will be organized regularly to improve employees’ environmental awareness;
Seventh, with regard to aluminum materials, efforts will be made to improve the environmental performance of aluminum products. Through the development and supply of environmentally friendly materials, we will maximize the environmental protection characteristics of aluminum materials and contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint and environmental protection.

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