Metal Runner Trough

Metal Runner Trough is used for the transportation and conveying of molten aluminum in aluminum melting and casting plants.

Aluminum silicate is a kind of silicate, its chemical formula is Al2SiO5, because the structure of most silicates is very complex, it is often written not in the form of salt but as the oxide of each metal . The density of aluminum silicate is 2.8 to 2.9 g/cm3, and the refractive index is 1.56. Its Mohs hardness is related to the type of ore and the water content and varies between 4.5 and 7.5.

Advantages of Metal Runner Trough
1. Good thermal shock resistance, resistance to chilling and heat. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it maintains a good shape and stability at working temperature.
2. Excellent non-wetting performance with aluminum, aluminum liquid does not stick to aluminum after flowing, easy to clean, and good durability.
3. Good surface strength, resistance to erosion and corrosion of molten aluminum. It does not absorb moisture, and does not produce aeration to molten aluminum.
4. Lower density than aluminum. Good chemical stability, does not react with aluminum at working temperature.
5. Low thermal conductivity and good heat preservation performance. Product parameters Operating temperature: ≤1400℃ Cautions It is strictly forbidden to use sharp metal tools to scratch or pry during use. Please pay attention to external force collision during transportation and replacement.

Features of automatic flow control system for molten aluminum
1. Significantly reduce the operating intensity of workers, without the need for workers to keep watch, one person can take care of several molten aluminum launders, and the flow rate of molten aluminum is automatically controlled.
2. The liquid level of the aluminum liquid in the launder is basically controlled to fluctuate within 5mm, and the liquid level in the front box remains stable
3. The temperature of molten aluminum is more stable and the temperature difference is small
4. The aluminum liquid oxide at the water outlet is obviously reduced, and the aluminum liquid degassing machine, the liquid aluminum hydrogen measuring instrument, the aluminum water degassing machine, the aluminum water pump gas heating position and the aluminum slag are reduced
5. The heating gas consumption is reduced, which helps to save energy and reduce consumption

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