Molten Metal Launders

Molten Metal Launders have a long service life. Use a new type of high-silicon melting material that is corrosion-resistant, non-sticky, and does not pollute the molten aluminum. It can meet the requirements of aluminum castings with high added value and high-tech performance.

Molten Metal Launders

Advantages of Molten Metal Launders

  • High strength, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and smooth surface.
  • It has strong corrosion resistance to aluminum alloy, which enhances the function of equipment and prolongs the life of casting special alloy.
  • Good heat insulation performance (the temperature falls within 2°C per meter), low density, good non-stick aluminum performance, good casting, and rolling operations.
  • Integral molding with high-silicon melt material, high dimensional accuracy.
  • It can be used repeatedly or multiple times, and the surface is smooth.

AdTech is a comprehensive runner equipment manufacturer, specializing in the development of new materials and the production of high-performance insulating seals. The refractory used in the Adtech Launder type is an amorphous refractory without a specific size specification. It only needs the use of materials and the environment. High-temperature environment has acid corrosion, alkali corrosion, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Under working conditions, suitable refractory castables should be selected according to the environment and properties.

Description of molten metal launder

The molten metal ceramic launder is used as a drawing to keep the launder clean and avoid damage and gaps.

reheat the installed washing machine on average, preheat for 6-8 hours, check the lining surface (below 800 degrees), remove the adsorbed crystal water, and use it safely and effectively.

If there is no electric heating, flame heating is recommended. The key is to control the flame temperature and avoid direct fire to cause the lining body, disc or ceramic foam filter to burst. There are three kinds of flames, red weak flame, yellow medium flame, and blue strong flame.

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