Operating procedures for online degassing unit

1 On-line degassing unit system operating procedures for degassing aluminum

Daily inspection content of online degassing unit: Check whether the heater works normally every day: How to identify whether the heater is normal: If the temperature value displayed by the temperature control meter is lower than the set value and the corresponding ammeter has no current display, It indicates that there is a problem with the heater, and the relevant unit should be notified immediately to check;

How to identify whether the silicon carbide rod is working normally: after the silicon carbide rod has been working for a long time, the heating efficiency will decrease, and the current should be adjusted appropriately at this time so that the current is kept at about 30A, which is sufficient to meet the working requirements of the system. If it is found that the current value becomes very large, it may be that the welding part of the silicon carbide rod is desoldered. After this phenomenon occurs, it should be replaced.

How to replace the silicon carbide rod: remove the clamp, take out the bad silicon carbide rod, put the new silicon carbide rod into the casing, and place it in the spacer groove at the bottom of the casing. Then install the upper support plate, connect the wires, and then check whether the connection is correct. After confirming that the connection is correct, turn on the power again, and adjust the current to the required value.
How to replace the outer casing:
Hang out the outer casing together with the insulation ring, break it with a hammer, then take out the insulation ring and put it on the cover of the degassing box, and then put a layer of paint on the surface of the new casing before loading it. If there is still aluminum liquid in the degassing box, the sleeve needs to be preheated with a spray gun before it enters, and then it can be placed in the aluminum liquid. And press the upper part of the pressure plate well, between the casing and the insulation ring, between the pressure plate and the casing should be padded with insulation cotton of appropriate thickness.

degassing aluminum

degassing aluminum

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