Women's Day

International women
The festival is also known as “United Nations Women’s Rights and
International Day of Peace”,
Also known as “International Working Women’s Day” in China
“March 8th” and “March 8th Women’s Day”.

The world is extraordinarily beautiful because of the birth of women.

What is talked about should not be “beautiful”, “gentle”, being a “good wife and mother”, “taking care of the family” and so on. What should be seen more is the value created by women. They are found in all walks of life in society. They are intelligent, brave, tenacious, careful, and emotional. Since ancient times, women have created no less value than men, but people often ignore this part. Therefore, when the March 8th Festival comes, Adtech always adheres to the concept of “understanding women, approaching women, and caring for women”, and is grateful for women’s creation, women’s struggle, and women’s vitality. We call on everyone to respect women, walk into their hearts and listen to their voices, see the value of women, don’t want false crowns, and want real equal rights. We wish all the females to be confident, happy, and have all the good things in the world!


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